Thursday, September 6, 2018

Help us Pilot Test our new Crypto Trading Game App!!!

Today, we're excited to announce that we’ve built a new crypto trading game app – My Crypto League is a fun, risk-free way of learning the nuances of Crypto Trading using real-life data but fake money…
We would like to ask for your help in getting early feedback on our app. Simply send Kevin an email and he'll send the pilot testing invite to you!

What Will “My Crypto League” Do for Me?

Learning Experience – Crypto Trading
Begin trading with real cryptocurrency data.
Test out your strategies before deploying them in the real world.
Challenge your friends, family and colleagues...
Determine, once and for all, who the most effective crypto trader is.
Pit your skills against those you know & match up against worldwide competition
It’s fun, exciting and you’re not playing with real investment capital
It’s a game! – It’s harmless, yet useful and fun to play so give it a try…

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